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Nicole Murray

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Nathan Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer (COO)



We want to share a little bit about us and our company. We have had our fair share of parties with being in our 20's. I remembered the parties and events that had a unique experience to them. We started 360 Photo Swirl, because we found ourselves searching for new and fun experiences at every where we went to. The feelings during those unique experiences became unmatched with irreplaceable. We at 360 Photo Swirl  want to bring you and your families that same experience with our photo booths. Traditional photo booths seemed so dated and didn't give us that unique edge that we wanted to be apart of. They create old-fashion still photos with limited features that don't give you ways to relive that special day. We wanted to give you our new booths with top technology that allow you to make your memories stand out.

Both our booth are equipped with color changing LED lights and illuminated lights that give you and your guest that photo finish quality in your photos/videos. Looking back at those memories in a fast or slow 360 degree video or those personalized photo frames and smiles will make you want to experience that day all over. We want to give you a feeling to remember forever when using our photo booths. Our easy online booking, affordable photo booth rentals and  our "Party Now, Pay Later" make us only a few reasons of why we're unique. What else makes us unique is we are not another faceless company over the internet, we are real people that have experienced real memories and want to be the people that make yours everlasting.

Our Team.


Chalys Caruth

Photo Booth Attendant


Fred Mouangassa

Photo Booth Attendant

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